The age
of virtual assistants & chatbots
is here!

Technology Platform
for the implementation and operation
of Virtual Assistants

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Gold award at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2020

Easy to get information about the services and products of PPC. Gold award at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2020, "mobile Customer Engagement & Personalized Services".

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Clients & Partners

Crowdpolicy's chatbots & virtual assistants technologies have been applied to more than 50 private and public sector organizations.

The Virtual Assistant in your hands

Innovative -
Personalized Solutions

We create innovative solutions for the needs of our clients

Implementation with artificial intelligence

We provide smart and state-of-the-art applications

Interconnection - Multichannel Distribution

Transactional services and end-to-end applications for our systems


We are proud of our partnerships.

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Multichannel Distribution

The services we provide can be connected through multichannel systems and custom widgets that cover all needs.

Virtual assistants are now
available on viber

You can chat with the virtual assistant through the most popular communication channels and get the information that you need 24 hours a day.

Web widget

Through appropriate widgets, the users/visitors of the website will have the opportunity to contact the virtual assistant and be informed.

  • Users can contact the virtual assistant directly through multiple channels
  • Provision of valid and immediate information
  • Provision of integrated services

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A Virtual Assistant for everyone

A Virtual Assistant can…

Provide static information, such as the opening hours of a store.

Provide dynamic information, such as the weather or stock of a product.

Include machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) processes.

Execute transactions, such as orders, purchases, payments.

Provide intervention by an agent.

Banks - Insurance - Businesses - Energy - Environment - Tourism - Public Administration - Municipalities - Ministries

Do you need a virtual assistant?

Contact us or call us at +30216 900 2600.



A virtual assistant enables personalized scripts for immediate customer service..


Management environment

Flexible and adaptive

With full access to functions and features of virtual assistants.

  • Integration of the respective infrastructures (servers, databases, backup process)
  • Operation of the Back office/administration application that supports the botakis platform
  • Υποστήριξη στατιστικών δεδομένων
  • Statistical data support
  • Provision of APIs and SDKs for embedding third-party applications through the Back office/administration application control panel
  • Logical table - questions and answers
  • Reporting unanswered questions and one click dynamic enrichment
  • Import of content via CSV files


Monitoring statistical data from a management environment in order to understand the traffic and improve the virtual assistant.

  • View qualitative and quantitative data
  • Live tracking of statistical results
  • Export of CSV files
  • Most asked questions
  • Monitoring not handled answers


All the solutions we provide

Botakis intelli 2

Artificial intelligence environment providing information of general interest (weather, signs, time, strikes etc.)

Contact Information

Address (map)
Telephone number
Working hours

Company Information

Frequently Asked Questions
Pricing Policy
Price lists
Bank Accounts

Asynchronous Transactions

Room reservation
Table reservation
Taxi call

Synchronous – Automatic Transactions

(with interconnection of systems)
Reservation and purchase of tickets
Flight check-in
Automatic order from an eshop


Παροχή επαναλαμβανόμενων πληροφοριών κατόπιν request (π.χ. νέα ανά 3 ώρες)


Forwarding messages or offers (e.g. offer of the day, happy hours)


Payment gateway for mobile payments

Machine learning AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence process


Support environment by an agent

Help Desk connection

Monitoring of topics, posts and reply management on popular mass social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, instagram) ( Facebook, twitter, instagram)

Transformation of social content into ticket & operational flow to the right agent

  • Integration of social accounts management (, ,) from one point
  • Pages management from one point
  • One click conversion of a relevant report or message into a management matter of the social service desk
  • Role distribution
  • Forwarding issues and assignments
  • Prioritization of issues, flags, workflows
  • APIs for integration with third-party systems
  • Standard replies
  • Reporting
  • Team dashboards - Performance
  • IP and Network restrictions για περισσότερη ασφάλεια και single sign on
  • Identity & access management for the agents
  • Activity log

Integration with the website, social media and chatbot

  • Web widgeton the website and subpages of online services
  • Integration with the chatbotfor the script (human in the loop)

Do you need a virtual assistant?

Contact us or call us at +30216 900 2600.